Connecting People, Connecting Communities

We can help to connect you with people and activities in your community as well as provide a range of support to help you achieve your goals. We also provide support for the community itself. Helping organisations and people make the places we live, stronger, friendlier and more resilient.

Click get involved for help for the community or get support for help for you or another individual.
To access the helpline callĀ 0300 303 3920
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Connecting People

Connecting People

Sometimes we could all do with just a little bit of support to help make life click. We can provide you with one to one support to help you achieve your goals

As well as help you find and support you to get involved with activities in your community.

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Connecting Communities

People make our communities.

If you have an idea or project that could help your community be a stronger, friendlier and more resilient place -we can help. Click community support to find out more.

Maybe you want to get involved more in your community. CAN Connect itself needs volunteers and we can also help you find other opportunities. Click volunteer to find out more.

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Connecting Communities

Where we cover

The CAN Connect service covers the North Norfolk Clinical Commisisoning Group area. This is the area shown within the blue outline below. Don’t worry if you need help and you don’t live in the area – we’ll always try and find the right service for you or click the link below to see details of support in other areas.

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Where we cover

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